About the Band


The Brentwoods were founded on January 23, 2006 by The Blazed Joker and Bab Soget (then known as Cannabis Wylde).

The band's first 3 albums "Where's the Disk?" (2008), "Scammin' & Schemin'" (2008) and "You Can't Handle This Album" (2009) all relied heavily on inside jokes and songs about the band members & their friends. None of the three albums were a success. Initially, the band's lineup only consisted of The Blazed Joker & Bab Soget. Mike Bibby joined the band in 2008, first appearing on "Scammin' & Schemin'". Bibby did not contribute to the next album, so Jorgey Baby was brought in as his replacement on "You Can't Handle This Album". Unlike Bibby, Jorgey did not write lyrics for the band he simply provided inspiration.

Beginning with their 4th album, "Richard Gere Would Love This Album" (2009), the band started writing songs aimed at a more general audience. This new direction brought them their first success with songs like "Kenan & Kel", "Pot Fiend" & "I Think Somebody Beefed". In early 2010, longtime friend of the band Kopec began writing songs for the next album with Joker & Soget. Mike Bibby also returned to collaborate on the album marking the first time that a 4 person lineup would feature on a Brentwoods album. Unfortunately, Kopec's time as a member of The Brentwoods would be short lived. A few weeks after joining the band, a feud erupted between him & Bab Soget forcing Kopec to quit the band. His departure from the band resulted in the release of the 5th album "Funemployment" being pushed back from April to November 2010. Despite the troubles surrounding it's recording, "Funemployment" was a huge success and included some of the Brentwoods biggest hits yet: "Some Some Weed", "Billy Mays" and "Funemployment".

Joker, Soget & Bibby quickly began working on the 6th album. Blazed Joker, who had been helping Kopec record his debut solo album, attempted to get Kopec to rejoin the band for the next album. Sadly, a new feud occurred between Joker & Kopec essentially guaranteeing that Kopec would never return to The Brentwoods. Luckily, Jorgey Baby decided to return to the band & joined Joker, Soget & Bibby to create "The Good, The Bab & The Ugly" (2011). The album included many unused tracks left over from the "Funemployment" sessions and featured 2 Kopec diss tracks. The album contained 2 hit songs: "Bomb Bomb Trees" & "Shat My Pants" but was unfortunately not as successful as "Funemployment".

The Brentwoods went on hiatus after the release of "The Good, The Bab & The Ugly". In February 2013, the band announced via their facebook page that they would be reuniting for a new album: "Heavy Pickles". The reunited lineup features Blazed Joker, Bab Soget & newcomer Eagles. Work on the album began in November 2013 and was released in February 2014.

The Brentwoods are again organizing a reunion and will soon begin work on their 8th album.


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