Released: November 26, 2010

The Brentwoods' fifth album.
In early 2010, longtime friend of the band "Kopec" began writing songs for the next album with Blazed Joker & Cannabis Wylde. Mike Bibby also returned to collaborate on the album marking the first time that a 4 person lineup would feature on a Brentwoods album. Unfortunately, Kopec's time as a member of The Brentwoods would be short lived. A few weeks after joining the band, a feud erupted between him & Wylde forcing Kopec to quit the band. His departure from the band resulted in the release of "Funemployment" being pushed back from April to November 2010. Despite the troubles surrounding it's recording, the album was a huge success and included some of the Brentwoods biggest hits yet: "Smoke Some Weed", "Billy Mays" and "Funemployment".
"Funemployment" was remastered and released as a Deluxe Edition in April 2014.

  1. Funemployment [Aaron Salome/Randy Gagnon/Gabriel Kopec]
  2. Playin' with Greg [Salome/Kopec]
  3. 1 Unheard Message (Skit) [Salome]
  4. Randy [Gagnon]
  5. I Believe I Am Fly (Ode to a Douchebag) [Salome/Gagnon/Kopec]
  6. I Need Some Blunts [Gagnon]
  7. If My Dad Comes Home... (Skit) [Mike Ditusa]
  8. Smoke Some Weed [Kopec/Salome]
  9. Det. Robert Goren (feat. Crazy Shenanigans) (Skit) [Salome]
  10. Weed, Weed, Weed, Weed [Gagnon]
  11. Give Me Your Finest Bud [Gagnon/Salome/Ditusa]
  12. Billy Mays [Salome]
  13. I Sold My Soul (To Bob Dole) [Salome]
  14. You're Disgusting [Salome/Kopec/Gagnon]
  15. Funemployment (Reprise) [Salome]
  16. Chillin' with The Brentwoods (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track) [Salome/Gagnon/Kopec/Ditusa]
  17. Smoke Some Weed (Blazed Joker Solo Version/Bonus Track) [Kopec/Salome]

The Brentwoods:
Blazed Joker: Vocals /Lyrics
Cannabis Wylde: Lyrics
Mike Bibby: Lyrics/Skit
Kopec: Vocals/Lyrics

Additional Personnel:
Crazy Shenanigans: Skit
Gregory Johnson: Skit


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