Heavy Pickles


Released: February 21, 2014

The Brentwoods' seventh album.
The Brentwoods went on hiatus after the release of "The Good, The Bab & The Ugly". In February 2013, the band announced that they would be reuniting for a new album. The reunited lineup features Blazed Joker, Bab Soget & newcomer Eagles.
"Heavy Pickles" was not a success. Very few of the songs were popular with fans of the band. The Brentwoods again went on hiatus after the album's release.
This is the second album in a row to credit Mike Bibby as a band member despite him only appearing in skits recorded years before the album's conception.

  1. Live to Get High [Aaron Salome/Randy Gagnon]
  2. Heavy Pickles [Salome]
  3. The Return of Crazy Shenanigans (Skit) [Timothy Desilets]
  4. Something About the Steak You Cooked Tonight [Gagnon]
  5. How Can You Mend a Broken Blunt? [Salome]
  6. Storytime with Danny W: Part 1 (Skit) [Dan Williams]
  7. Don't Wake Me Up (When I'm Hungover) [Salome/Kelsey Egan]
  8. When Randy Snores [Salome]
  9. Storytime with Danny W: Part 2 (Skit) [Dan Williams]
  10. I'm Fuckin' Down [Salome]
  11. I Guess That's Why I'm Drinking Cheap Booze [Salome/Gagnon]
  12. The Wendy's Experience (Skit) [Salome/Gagnon/Mike Ditusa/Harle Lavallee/Desilets]
  13. Goodbye to Ward Street [Salome]

The Brentwoods:
Blazed Joker: Vocals/Lyrics
Bab Soget: Lyrics/Skits
Mike Bibby: Skits
Eagles: Lyrics

Additional Personnel:
Crazy Shenanigans: Lyrics/Skit
Danny W: Skits
Harle Lavallee: Skit


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