Richard Gere Would Love This Album


Released: July 17, 2009

The Brentwoods' fourth album.
Unlike the band's first three albums, "Richard Gere Would Love This Album" takes a more mainstream route featuring songs aimed at a more general audience. This new direction brought them their first success with songs like "Kenan & Kel", "Pot Fiend" & "I Think Somebody Beefed". 
Neither Mike Bibby nor Jorgey Baby contributed to this album, making this the second Brentwoods album to feature the original Blazed Joker/Cannabis Wylde lineup of the band.
"Richard Gere Would Love This Album" was remastered and released as a Deluxe Edition in April 2014.
  1. Pot Fiend (Extended Version) [Aaron Salome]
  2. Your Girl's Cutty [Salome]
  3. Gregory Johnson [Salome/Randy Gagnon]
  4. I Think Somebody Beefed [Salome/Gagnon]
  5. Checkin' Out in Ken's Line [Salome/Gagnon]
  6. Don't Worry Sadie (feat. Crazy Shenanigans) [Salome/Gagnon]
  7. Kenan & Kel [Salome]
  8. Seth [Salome]
  9. Wang in My Zipper [Salome]
  10. Richard Gere Would Love This Homemade Soup [Salome]
  11. High of the Gagnon (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track) [Salome]

The Brentwoods:
Blazed Joker: Vocals/Lyrics
Cannabis Wylde: Lyrics

Additional Personnel:
Crazy Shenanigans: Guest Vocals


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