The Good, the Bab, & the Ugly


Released: June 17, 2011

The Brentwoods' sixth album.
After the release of "Funemployment", Blazed Joker & Cannabis Wylde quickly began work on the next album. Joker, who was producing Kopec's debut solo album at the time, attempted to convince Kopec to rejoin the band after his feud with Wylde cooled down. Sadly, a new feud erupted between Joker & Kopec over lyrics to "Smoke Some Weed" which Kopec claims Joker stole from him.
Kopec would never again return to The Brentwoods.
Instead, Jorgey Baby rejoined the band & wrote his first song, a Kopec diss track titled "Word to Gabey". Despite his face being on the album cover, Mike Bibby only appears in a skit recorded in 2009.
The album largely consists of unused tracks left over from the "Funemployment" sessions and features 2 Kopec diss tracks. The album contained 2 hit songs: "Bomb Bomb Trees" & "Smoke Some Weed II" but was unfortunately not as popular as "Funemployment".

  1. Introduction [Aaron Salome]
  2. We're Still Scammin' [Salome]
  3. The Official Anthem of Worldwide Sixty Sack Day [Salome]
  4. High Life [Salome]
  5. A Question for the Ages (Skit) [Salome]
  6. Bomb Bomb Trees [Randy Gagnon/Salome]
  7. Shat My Pants [Salome]
  8. Mike Bibby vs. His Girlfriend (Skit) [Mike Ditusa/Harle Lavallee]
  9. Gabey (A Tribute to Kopec) [Salome]
  10. The Pen, the Couch & Timothy Desilets (Skit)
  11. Drop the Stoag (feat. Crazy Shenanigans) [Timothy Desilets]
  12. Word to Gabey (Another Tribute to Kopec) [Jorge Hamel]
  13. Smoke Some Weed II (feat. Kopec & Greg Johnson) [Salome/Gabriel Kopec]

The Brentwoods:
Blazed Joker: Vocals/Lyrics
Bab Soget: Lyrics
Mike Bibby: Skit
Jorgey Baby: Lyrics

Additional Personnel:
Kopec: Recycled Vocals/Stolen Lyrics
Crazy Shenanigans: Lyrics
Gregory Johnson: Guest Vocals
Harle Lavallee: Skit


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