Where's the Disk?


Released: June 20, 2008

The Brentwood's debut album.
In early 2008, Aaron & Randy began writing large amounts of comedy songs. They eventually wrote enough songs to fill two albums so the tracks were divided between their debut album "Where's the Disk?" and it's follow-up "Scammin' & Schemin'".
Most of the songs on this album are inside jokes written about band members and their friends. None of these songs became hits, although "I'm Already Bent" & "I Am Obesity" are two standouts.
"Where's the Disk?" was remastered and released as a Deluxe Edition in March 2014.

  1. Brigido's 8 [Aaron Salome]
  2. Randy's Movin' Out (feat. CROW) [Salome/Kyle Croteau]
  3. Harle Doesn't Know [Randy Gagnon]
  4. Hey CROW [Salome/Gagnon]
  5. I'm Already Bent [Salome/Gagnon]
  6. Drunk As Fuck [Salome]
  7. I Am Obesity [Gagnon]
  8. Danny W's Song [Salome]
  9. I Need a Condom [Salome]
  10. Lollipop Remix (feat. Greg Johnson) [Salome]

The Brentwoods:
Blazed Joker: Vocals/Lyrics
Cannabis Wylde: Lyrics

Additional Personnel:
CROW: Vocals/Lyrics
Greg Johnson: Vocals


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