Worldwide #1 Hits


Released: October 31, 2019

The Brentwoods' first Greatest Hits album.
The album includes 24 of the band's biggest hits from 2008-2019 across 2 discs.
2 new tracks make their debut here. "Skank Ass Bitch" and the hit single, "Woonsocket Man".

Disc 1
  1. Skank Ass Bitch [Aaron Salome]
  2. Pot Fiend (Extended Version) [Salome]
  3. I Am Obesity [Randy Gagnon]
  4. High Life [Salome]
  5. Funemployment [Salome/Gagnon/Gabriel Kopec]
  6. Mr. Gagnon [Salome]
  7. The Official Anthem of Worldwide Sixty Sack Day [Salome]
  8. Something About the Steak You Cooked Tonight [Gagnon]
  9. I'm Out of Stoags [Salome]
  10. Smoke Some Weed (feat. Kopec) [Kopec/Salome]
  11. I Think Somebody Beefed [Salome/Gagnon]
  12. Marijuana Mission 2012 (Bonus Blazed Joker Solo Track) [Salome]

Disc 2
  1. I Need Some Blunts [Gagnon]
  2. We're Still Scammin' [Salome]
  3. Randy [Gagnon]
  4. I Believe I Am Fly (Ode to a Douchebag) [Salome/Gagnon/Kopec]
  5. Weed with Jorgey [Salome]
  6. Live to Get High [Salome/Gagnon]
  7. I Guess That's Why I'm Drinking Cheap Booze [Salome/Gagnon]
  8. Kenan & Kel [Salome]
  9. You're Disgusting [Salome/Kopec/Gagnon]
  10. Smoke Some Weed II (feat. Kopec & Greg Johnson) [Salome/Kopec]
  11. Bomb Bomb Trees [Gagnon/Salome]
  12. Woonsocket Man (feat Joe Rogan) [Salome/Gagnon/Peter Lang/John Dubois]


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