You Can't Handle This Album


Released: March 27, 2009

The Brentwoods' third album.
This album continues the trend of songs being about inside jokes and friends/enemies of the band.
Mike Bibby did not contribute to this album. Instead, Jorgey Baby was recruited in his place. Unlike Bibby, Jorgey merely provided inspiration for songs and did not write any actual lyrics.
During sessions for this album, Jorgey Baby inspired a second album of songs about beards. "Bearded Man" & "The Society of Bearded Men" were recorded before plans for the beard album were ultimately scrapped. Those two songs eventually ended up on this album.
"You Can't Handle This Album" was remastered and released as a Deluxe Edition in March 2014.
  1. Public Service Announcement 2009 [Aaron Salome]
  2. Jorge is Throwin' Down [Salome/Randy Gagnon/Jorge Hamel]
  3. Wowk's Got a Quarter [Salome]
  4. Ten Sack [Salome/Gagnon]
  5. Brentwood Drive [Salome]
  6. I'm Out of Stoags [Salome]
  7. It Must Be Mids [Salome/Gagnon]
  8. Better [Salome]
  9. Weed with Jorgey [Salome]
  10. The Hellbent Night [Salome/Gagnon]
  11. Bearded Man [Salome/Gagnon/Hamel]
  12. The Society of Bearded Men [Salome/Hamel]
  13. To Make You Feel Like Shit [Gagnon]

The Brentwoods:
Blazed Joker: Vocals/Lyrics
Cannabis Wylde: Lyrics
Jorgey Baby: Inspiration


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