Band Members

Band Members:
Blazed Joker (2006 - Present)
Lead vocalist & lyricist since the band's inception, Blazed Joker has appeared on every Brentwoods song thus far.

Bab Soget (2006 - Present)
Formerly known as Cannabis Wylde, Bab Soget has been the Brentwoods' lead lyricist since the band's inception. Soget has contributed lyrics to each of the band's 8 albums.

Kelsey Eagles (2013 - Present)
Kelsey Eagles was invited to join the band after co-writing "Don't Wake Me Up (When I'm Hungover)" from 2014's "Heavy Pickles" album. She hasn't written anything since and is currently at risk of being fired.

Brando (2013 - Present)
Despite being in the band for years, Brando has yet to contribute any material. He is currently at risk of being fired.

Fired Band Members:
Kopec (2010, 2015)
Progressive rap artist Kopec joined the band to collaborate on their legendary 5th album "Funemployment". Rising tensions during the album's development caused Kopec to quit the band a few months later. Some of his vocals & lyrics later appeared on 2011's "The Good, the Bab & the Ugly" without his approval. 
He briefly rejoined The Brentwoods in May 2015 to write some lyrics for a potential album about a character named "Bob". Those legendary "Bob" lyrics would remain unreleased until January 2019, when they finally appeared on The Brentwoods' "Just Methin' Around" EP.

Jorgey Baby (2009 - 2011)
Jorgey first appeared on 2009's "You Can't Handle This Album" as a source of inspiration for the other band members. His only lyrical contribution was a Kopec diss track featured on 2011's "The Good, the Bab & the Ugly".

Mike Bibby (2008 - 2020)
Mike first appeared on 2008's "Scammin' & Schemin'" penning the song "The Last Stoag". He returned for 2010's "Funemployment" but only provided a few lines to a handful of songs. Despite being listed as a band member for 2011's "The Good, the Bab & the Ugly" and 2014's "Heavy Pickles", he only appears in pre-recorded skits and did not actually collaborate on either album.
No one has actually seen Mike in almost a decade.

Sneaky Pete (2013 - 2019)
Sneaky Pete became a band member after coming up with the idea for a Brentwoods Christmas album in mid-2013. The long awaited album "A Very Brentwoods Christmas" was released with little fanfare in December 2017. Pete was ultimately fired due to the poor performance of the Christmas album.

Crazy Shenanigans (2008 - Present)
Crazy Shenanigans has tried to contribute a song to almost every Brentwoods album ever released. His songs are usually trash and he will never be a member of the band.

Greg Johnson (2008 - 2011)
The Greg Johnson character was retired after 2011's "The Good, the Bab & the Ugly".


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